Monday, May 08, 2006

attack of the meme

So I take a bit of a blogging hiatus and get tagged by la blonde and prarie oyster. Sorry it took me a while to notice, ladies.

I am SO happy to be done with this semester.
I want to never take classes again.
I wish there were about 6 more hours in the day.
I hate genetics, reading about the paleolithic explosion, and not producing good work after slaving away on it.
I love wine, cheese, sleep, movies, booze. No particular order
I miss PO, LR, and the rest of the ladies who will be leaving soon. Sniffle.
I fear the moment my grades come in for this semester.
I hear the sweet sound of not doing work.
I think climbing a wall to get to my stats final was hilarious.
I wonder what I've done to deserve the hell I went through last week.
I regret being such a damn good procrastinator.
I am not going to drink coffee for the next week. Ok maybe just the next 24 hours.
I dance when persuaded with sweet sweet alcohol. Or when I crack out under pressure. I especially like doing the 'fuck you' dance.
I sing some mean karaoke. Anyone want to do karaoke soon? I'm free!
I cry under pressure. Or at inappropriate times. Like when I saw Ice Age.
I make my cat angry. Kitty bites hurt.
I write poorly. (whatever PO) I'm keeping this for me though.
I confuse being quirky with being a pain in the ass.
I need a drink. Is there any other answer to this question? +1
I should continue cleaning my apartment. And go to the gym. And buy groceries. And play with my cat.
I start giggling when I think about monkeys violating people's ears.
I finished my first year in grad school. Dude. That was intense.

I tag Rachel. Because you need something to do besides be fabulous.