Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday cat blogging

I love this sprawled back leggage with the "I hates Friday mornings" yawn. Right there with ya buddy. No less than two cups of coffee will get me going today.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It just became crystal clear

Academics are f%&!ing insane.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food is truly my limiting resource

This summer has been hampered by work (that in all fairness should have been done beforehand) and deadlines are quickly approaching as September draws nearer. I've been locked away in various places reading various books and writing various papers. Unfortunately, some books are restricted in where I can use them, which poses a serious problem to my work schedule.

I am currently using a museum book which can only be read in the museum. I am currently without proper identification and ability to move throughout the museum (specifically to the vending machines) and am running on very low blood sugar. My concentration is waning and my stomach is starting to speak up for itself, which means I'll have to go home sooner than planned or sit here and be competely unproductive in a depressing yellow room with florecent lighting. Bah! I'm starting to get tired of my fat ass's obsession and need for food. Ok I take that back.....

In other random thought processes, Perez Hilton is really good at the separated at birth game.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Cat Blog

Claudius in one of his many sleeping poses. It almost looks like he's dreaming about that Fillipino Thriller video.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Pick-Up Artist 360?

I'm done with my summer teaching gig (yay!) and can now devote the remainder of my summer to finishing up papers/projects, figuring out a ballpark dissertation topic, and of course watching terrible mindless television.

I've decided that Rock of Love is enjoyable with a few beers in me and someone to be snarky with. I tried watching it last week alone and sober and was not impressed. Rodeo was just embarassing to watch, Lacey will never be anywhere near as fun bitchy as New York was, the sober chick has no idea what dating a rocker really entails, and Jess's two tone bleach/pink thing just flat out annoys me. That being said, I will probably watch it again this week.

I also tuned in to the new Real World flimed in Sydney on Wednesday and was shocked they actually threw a real human being (Parisa) in with the typical subhuman garbage they normally put on the show. Of course the majority of the girls hate her for being a decent human being and not having a trashy two-tone dye job. I smell drama in the air (sing-song voice).

The Pick-Up Artist may have the most potential until I Love New York 2 hits the airwaves. 1.) It is filmed in Austin, Tx (Yaaaay) 2.) You have to love those nerds and 3.) The so-called masters of up-picking are completely douche-y.

Mostly I just want to know why Anderson Cooper did that shit to his hair.

Monday, August 06, 2007

My ovaries hurt just thinking about it

In all seriousness the Dugger family grosses me out.

It's not that they have recently had a 17th child, it's all the children's names begin with J.