Wednesday, June 28, 2006

news from texass

an art teacher in austin, texas now has to fight for her job ever since attention was brought to some topless photos of her on the web.

The school district said the photos were inappropriate and violate the "higher moral standard" expected of public school teachers. As she was escorted out of class last month she was told that she's become an ineffective teacher.
The district wants to revoke her teaching certification, which would keep her out of Texas classrooms permanently. Hoover will appeal the ruling and is prepared to take the case to court, she said.

bear in mind that austin is one of the most liberal cities in texas. this makes the situation even sadder.

here is another good article from the austin chronicle which goes into a bit more detail. apparently there was no public knowledge of the website until the school sent out a letter to parents informing them that hoover had posted pictures on a pornographic website.

the teacher, ms t. hoover, defends her position that the photos were art and she has every right to post them and keep her job.

it's just amazing how hypocritical people are when it comes to women taking control of their sexuality and their bodies. this 'higher moral standard' bullshit is insulting. i remember when i was in high school in that morally upright state a security guard knocked up a 16 year old sophamore. instead of being fired outright he was transferred from the high school to the eighth grade campus. i guess statutory rape falls under higher moral standards.

Monday, June 26, 2006

for to drink with

for prairie oyster! don't you love these?


how do these quizes know?

You Are a Boston Terrier Puppy
Aggressive, wild, and rambunctious.Deep down, you're just a cuddle monster.

with our powers combined

silk stockings and i have one kickass liquor collection.

plus i'm a little excited about my new wine glasses from fishs eddy (which i'm currently drinking cheap wine from).

dear god. i have just realized that as bad as i may consider daytime television, prime time is much much worse- as demonstrated by cbs charlie sheen show.

vapid character #1: somewhat witty predictable joke

vapid character #2: gotta pee

canned laughter

Friday, June 23, 2006

it's a bit cliche

i was more blissful when i was ignorant.

a man in indonesia caught bird-flu from his son.

global climate change is still scary.

i've also been experiencing funhouse vision since yesterday evening due to my brand spanking new glasses and perscription! weeee! at least i can now see with my left eye again.

Monday, June 19, 2006


thank you c of halix for sending me these clips from the animation show. i have kind of a crush on don hertzfeldt and his ability to crack me up with crudely drawn cloud things.
screw it. i tried to embed the damn thing but it isn't working.

monday mundane update

it's always fun getting used to a new schedule.

like i am now finding that my access to stolen internet only starts getting good at 2pm. before then it's all crap. at least until then i have bad day time tv to tide me over. episodes of mauri in which really fat people date really skinny people are my favorite.

i've started trying to organize my nifty new apartment now that silk stockings has moved all of her stuff in. the liquor cabinet is now a sight to behold and pictures will be posted soon. nothing makes my heart sing more than a full bar in the comfort of my own home.

because of my overall laziness recently coupled with lack of reliable internet i have no idea what is going on in the world. this could explian why i am feeling quite chipper.

i think i may look for some new glasses and more things for the apartment. because i am a consumer whore.

Friday, June 16, 2006

so lazy

how i'm occupying my time:

  • 10-11am: watch the ellen morning show (ooooh today's the musical episode)
  • attempt internet surfing on stolen wireless
  • eat
  • read bits of Let's Go France 2006
  • freak out a little bit about upcoming poorly planned trip to france
  • think about going to the gym where i could watch entourage all day long if i wanted to
  • eat some more

i love summer.

Monday, June 05, 2006

wer has relocated

and so has all of her stuff thanks to several fine able bodied graduate students. i love you guys.

i've been enjoying life in my new apartment as it is significantly bigger than the last. not that space was ever a huge problem, but it seemed to be a noticable problem for all of my crap that i tend to accumulate. now said crap has space to breathe, but hopefully not multiply.

hopefully now that things are calming down i can keep up with blogging. the past month or so i've been preoccupied with dumbshit brokers, passport renewal madess, registration, fretting over final grades, and the departures of la blonde , prarie oyster , and brazen hussy ( new york is not the same without you ladies).


i am also devistated by the departure of publius. karaoke will never be the same without you dude.