Sunday, December 11, 2005

why am i doing this again?

it's that time of year again. the bi-annual ass kicking extravagaanza in which i ask myself why for fuck's sake i want to pursue a higher education.

except this time it is different. add on top of the normal finals workload a 20-30 minute presentation on the evolutionary morphology of the hand, health insurance applications, forms for teaching next semester, christmas shopping procrastination, a bit of mild depression...and voila. one big mess of a first year graduate student.

on the lighter side, i have been drawing sensory maps on myself to help solidify patterns of innervation and my dreams last night were almost completely about vodka.

Friday, December 09, 2005

up to interpretation

well... i do really like soup.
You taste like a steaming hot bowl of gazpacho.
You are spicy and diverse. Your delicately
seasoned bits drive people with good taste
pretty wild.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

and it only took about 23 years

my first snow that lasted past breakfast!

i'm from texas. i get excited about these things. i didn't get to play in it. but i did almost bust my ass on that slippery nuisance called "ice" whilst going out to pick up laundry and soup fixings.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

were they on the 5th floor?

Guy #1: Look at that. His front arms are so small.
Guy #2: Why do you think he looks so angry? He couldn't whack off.
--Museum of Natural History

i bet they came face to face with an academic.

my radiator! it does nothing!

currently the temperature outside is 2 degrees C (35F) and despite the warmth off my radiator when i touch it, i know not it's effects.

at least i bought i cute chunky sweater today. frivolous spending beyond my means: 1, w.e.r. : nothing.

my mother's fatty fat fat delicious cookies arrived this morning. so begins the season of over-indulgance and inevitable weight gain. yippee.

this afternoon i have desperately tried to regain even a teeny fraction of motivation to get me through the end of this semester. it just hasn't come yet. i'm pretty sure i am just burnt out. i'm not adapted to classes (ok really just one) that suck the soul out of me for 5 months. plus when i look back, i haven't taken much time to just relax since....the summer of '04? since then i have been stresed out, a complete emotional wreck, or both.

it doesn't help that i am looking to this winter break so excitedly right now. instead of that being a motivational factor, i just keep thinking of how crappy i feel now.

i think i should just sit around, drink, read novels, gorge on mexican food, do naughty things, and not think a damn bit about school from december 22nd until classes begin. do i manage until then?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

learn 'em while they're young

maybe it's the 'tussin talking, but this hot stinking pile of propaganda might be the best website ever.

exhibit a:

poor wittle lamuel must get to church without being tempted by a she-devil wearing lipstick! of course the little lady is someone to be feared, not those repressed men of the church! also what is so wrong with ice-cream?

exhibit b:
habu the elephant

fundie prick: how many god's do you have, habu?
habu the hindu elephant: i don't know! i lost count!

then something about telling kiddies that they should only want one god who loves them instead of a whole hullaballo who don't give a samosa. can we classify that as racist and empirialistic?

exhibit c:
angry atheist goat, mr. gruff!

mr. gruff loooves his coffee and hates children and witnessors who touch his belt! i find him to be an admirable bloke, msyself.

exhibit d:
evidence of kangaroos in the middle east?

oh i'm sorry there isn't a shred of evidence in that argument. the bible says they hopped on a boat in the middle east so they must have been there! now i don't know much about the marsupial fossil record, but i don't recall there being many marsupial fossils- especially a big fucking kangaroopithecus- in the land mass that is currently that broadly undefined area as creation scientists contributing to this site would have it. and is the cartoon kangaroo jewish?

exhibit e:
creation scientist giraffe

a fun cs "fact": t-rex was an herbivore and used it's big sharp teeth to cut leaves and went on the ark with noah.
if you find NOTHING wrong in that statement you are stupider than me on my cold meds right now.