Tuesday, September 05, 2006

oh sweet jesus

so remember how excited i was about the sun gracing new york city with it's presence this past weekend? yeah well now the rain has come back with a certain determination that makes it seem as if it has always been raining, and moreso has always been raining specficially to spite me.

this kind of rain on a long teaching day that shot my voice (although now my sore throat has morphed to what feels like a cold) and a day when i had to jump through registration loopholes at my home campus. oh yes and the best part - my first truly hellish subway experience. for some reason the green line was pittifully fornicated up and i had to wait for 30 minutes on the platform to watch stuffed cars pass by and not empty each time. i've never seen ANYTHING like it. bodies stuffed up against the windows and elbows at full flexion. it was a nightmare. the cars didn't even start to clear out until 86th street. you can't get me to like new york right now.

the only appropriate thing i can do right now is wear comfortable pants and make a hot toddy.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

hooray for sunlight

says claudius

i almost can't believe my eyes

sunlight! glorious glorious sunlight! no more rain!

i won't look at the weather forecast .... i don't want to know how briefly this will last.

Friday, September 01, 2006

an eerie glimpse in to the future?

has anyone heard about this fake documentary,"Death of a President"?

since my gym membership became unfrozen today i decided i could start watching the news again. you see i don't have proper cable in my apartment so i can't watch CNN. and besides, i get really stessed out when i watch the news at home and i figure if i can watch CNN at the gym i can just turn up the speed on the treadmill when the news gets too distressing or if i see bushy's face. stress relief AND fat burning.

anyway, i saw a report on CNN for this brittish mockumentary of the fictional assasination of president bush. hooboy are people going to be pissed. texan republicans are already voicing their dismay. quite frankly i'm just excited to see the fierce emotional uproar that should follow.

maybe a law will even be madethat you can't say you want to kill the president. even in jest.

i wonder if he was singin the blues

so i love me some karaoke, right? right. but in all honesty there are certian boundaries to my love for the sport. 1.) there has to be a lot of showboating, 2.) people really need to be into the rediculousness of it, and 3.) it needs to be in a bar setting - not my apartment building.

i can't so much tell if this is your run of the mill, everyday showersinger or if this is something else. as i was brushing my cranky teeth with my cranky toothbrush i heard the distinct sound of background music and someone belting out long, flat notes in what almost sounded like some sort of amplification system. maybe his tonedeaf voice was bouncing off the cruddy tiles in his dingy bathroom. i don't know. but it put me to a whole new level of cranky.

now i too am guilty of shower singing which is most likely atrocious. and i'm not always bitter about people singing in new york apartments where you can hear a fly sneeze two doors down. this is just adding to my growing list of little things to complain and whine about, as that seems to be my general nature right now.

oh yeah and my evening at pravda has been cancelled or at least postponed. sigh. at least this might mean i get to save money.